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Judging by the number of hands painted in prehistoric caves it would seem that palmistry held a interest for humans since the stone age.  Medical researchers studying skin patterns (dermatoglyphics), have discovered a corrospondence between genetic abnormalities and unusual markings in the hand. Research has confirmed a link between specific fingerprint patterns and heart disease. These days palmistry is well accepted throughout the world. Proffesional palmists can be found reading palms in every country in the world. Pick up almost any copy of a womens magazine and there is some information on palmistry. There are thousands of books written on the subject and there are palmistry clubs the world across.


Colour of the Skin in Palmistry
The health of a person is often indicated by the colour of their hands. Dead white hands often indicate a lack of circulation. Pink hands are usually a sign of good health in palmistry. Red hands may indicate high blood pressure. Blue-ish hands indicate a sluggish condition of the circulation of the blood supply. The normal colour of the palm should be rosy and pinkish.

One of the common questions people ask me about palmistry is what is the difference between reading the right hand to the left hand. Palmists will mostly examine your most active had which is usually the one you write with. Its this hand that shows your current and future trends. The passive hand in palmistry tends to show your childhood.



Another interesting question I often hear in palmistry is why do some people have many lines but others only a few. Well, first you will notice that mostly men will tend to have fewer lines then a woman. The majority of hands will have the four major lines, the fate, life, heart and head line. Often young people come to see me seeking answers from palmistry about the right career choice. It most be noted that if a person is truely dedicated to succeed in a career choice they will even if their palms may disagree. Palmistry does not take away free will. It is usually found that people who like to work outdoors have spatulate fingertips. People with these spatulate fingertips like to be constantly on the move. Over the years of studying palmistry I have also come to notice that these same people often are good inventers as well. It should also be noted that if they have an earth shaped hand they will like the countryside and often make good farmers or at least gardeners. These people like stability and become stressed in times of change. A full set of square fingertips in palmistry shows us the orderly methodical type of person. Found often in accountants. Everything must be in its proper place with the highest degree of accuracy. The fingers tend to sit close together and the tips are smooth. Do you have a loop of seriousness on your palm. This loop sits between your ring finger and the middle finger. On women it usually indicates they are nurses or teachers. On men it can show business skills and success in life. A long middle finger will support this further. These people believe in getting ahead and im often pleased to find this loop on peoples hands in my study of palmistry. But what about the index finger in palmistry. Well if a person has a strong index finger that thrusts out on its own it shows a person who likes to lead and make decisions. These people go well as managers. They are good at controlling large amounts of staff. But if the person has a short index finger it will show the palmist that the person likes to work alone and often become self employed as a writer or an artist. Palmistry shows us much about the work directions people will take in life. People with arch fingerprints usually have jobs that re detailed special skills. But whorl fingerprints show us some artistic skills in palmistry. Small handed people do things on a big level, people with big hands do things involving fine detail. But remember it is relevent to your overall body size. People with air hands are good communicators, are popular and often work in the area of media.
But in the study of palmistry what happens when we see people with a missing fate line. These people have a somewhat unique nature about them. Often they will change jobs several times in their life. Their life is never settled and they shift around a lot. But how can palmistry help the employer find the right employee. Well, the simplest way is to look the the fingers. If they lie close together it shows a hard working stable employee. But if there are wide gaps between the fingers it may show a employee that will cause problems.

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